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To identify and investigate environmental and landscape aspects throughout our village that promote the rural and open nature of West Horsley, and that are essential for the benefit of our residents and wildlife.


This will enable us to support the preparation of environmental and landscape policies (our 'Green Infrastructure') that will influence and guide future residential development in the Parish of West Horsley.  The aim is to ensure that the openness and rural quality of our village remains unchanged now, and for future generations.



  • Identify all environmental and landscape aspects in West Horsley:


  • Open Spaces:

    • National and local designations that impact West Horsley to include:

    • Green Belt, AONB, SSSI, SNCI, SANGs, etc.

    • National Trust

    • Strategic Views, Gaps and Corridors

    • Fields and Meadows

    • Local Green Spaces

    • Woodland Areas

    • Trees, hedgerows and Tree Preservation Orders


  • Countryside Access:

    • Footpaths and bridle ways

    • Byways and BOATS

    • Cycle ways


  • Water Management and Flooding:

    • Water courses and culverts

    • Streams and ponds


  • Biodiversity:

    • Wildlife and Wildlife Corridors

    • Endangered and rare species

    • Priority habitats

    • Flora and fauna

    • Local Nature Reserves


  • Air and light pollution

    • Air density

    • Dark skies


(Note: many of these themes link to other sub-groups)


  • Research and assess available information for each theme to include background information on their applicability in planning policy.


  • Consult relevant organisations and bodies e.g. GBC, Natural England, Surrey Wildlife Trust etc., to identify where these areas are applicable to West Horsley.


  • Produce maps to illustrate where these areas are located within our village.


  • Provide evidence to support inclusion of these themes in West Horsley’s Neighbourhood Plan as potential policy statements.


  • Provide commentary for inclusion in the pre-submission document.


At all times we will engage and consult with our local community, ensuring the needs of our village are represented.


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