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 West Horsley Parish Council has determined that the West Horsley Neighbourhood Plan does not require an environmental report under the Strategic Environmental Assessment regulations (or an appropriate assessment under the Habitats Regulations).


The reasons for this determination are set out in the following SEA and HRA Screening Report which concludes:


  • “It is considered that the West Horsley Neighbourhood Plan does not require a SEA. This is primarily because the nature, scale and location of the policies within the plan are not likely to adversely impact on any of the sensitive environmental receptors within or around West Horsley Parish, including the Thames Basin Heaths SPA and Mole Gap to Reigate Escarpment SAC".

  • "The West Horsley Neighbourhood Plan includes several policies which aim to protect, maintain and enhance environmental features such as local green spaces, designated sites and mature trees.  It is therefore considered that the Neighbourhood Plan could benefit the local environment”.

The Screening Report was commissioned by Dan Knowles,

on behalf of Guildford Borough Council and was prepared by Jennifer Pullen and Laura Thomas of JBA Consulting.

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