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Housing & Design Policy Team

Robert Treble (lead) 01483 283954; Peter Bennett-Davies; Stephen Bray; Janet Graham; Martin O'Hara; Catherine Young.

Community Assets, Infrastructure & Business Economy Team

Stephen Bray (lead) 01483 286753; Elaine Best; Frances King; John Maycock; Claire Parker; Anthony Thompson.

Environment & Landscape Team

Catherine Young (lead) 01483 285860; Brian Austin; Frances King; Martin O'Hara; Claire Richards; Valerie Thompson; Robert Warren.

In addition to the above names we would like to acknowledge the following West Horsley residents who have played significant roles in the production of the West Horsley Neighbourhood Plan:

Nicola Adams, Sarah Christiansen, Julian Colborne-Baber, Paul Dodgson, Tracey Evans, Nigel Farley, Kes Heffer, David Hollingsworth, Sue Lush, Julia McClung, Sue Vaughan Jones, Mike Waite, Brian Wolfe, Luke Young

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